About US

  Our passion and purpose is to help connect you to the ultimate experience when making healthier dessert choices. We deliver clean delectable gourmet pastries made from scratch.

Having struggled with food allergies myself,  I cut gluten out and then made the decision to be vegan.

After searching for delicious vegan desserts,  I realized there was a limited selection. So began the journey to make our amazing simply sweet menu without the sacrifice of quality ingredients.

Baking has always been a family passion and with twenty years in the industry, starting Dessert Dirt was inevitable. 

I am proud to be building a business that is part of the vegan future, catering to those who are searching for a wholesome plant based treat. Along this mission, its rewarding that we are able to bring awareness to animal cruelty and the  importance of protecting our environment. 

Every batch is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings!